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David Lion

Welcome to Evolving Men Community

The sacred online dojo for a grounded, wholehearted masculinity

About me

Hey, my name is David Lion. 

I've been exploring conscious masculinity for the past 2 1/2 years, after being on a journey of self-actualization for 5 years. 

I love being a man. 

This wasn't always the case.
I love being in community with other men who are willing to show up as they truly are. Soft and powerful, tender and wild as well as everything in between. 

I've been working as an embodiment and relationship coach, entrepreneur and speaker for the past several years.

I feel called to contribute to a shift in masculinity.
It's time to step into a new paradigm of masculintiy.
One that involves cooperation, vulnerability and standing up for what you care about.
Of finding your unique expression of masculinity.

About the community

The Evolving Men Community is a space for you to connect to other wholehearted men, to find inspiration and support for who you truly want to be.

The men on here are dedicated to doing the work it takes (inner and outer) to create the life you're excited to live.

We're mastering our emotions, our relationships and our life purpose.

We're coming together because we know that it takes strong bonds among men to step into our full power.

This is not your everyday male chit-chat about beer, football and women (although sometimes we talk about that too.)

This is a place to grow and evolve beyond what you imagined to be possible in your life.
Are you ready?!

What members are saying

"To me the Evolving Men Community is the place where I found other men ready to share, to listen, to question ourselves, to grow, to be open, to learn & to support each other– men that I trust. 

Great people, great content, great place to be. I love it!"
Emilio Z.

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